My Reading Standards


Hi! *Sips Matcha 🍵*

Today I’m going to talk about my reading standards! Yeah…umm…don’t think its something easy for me to do because…there are many thoughts and its rather difficult to put a ”fixed rule” that applies to every single book, but I think we can figure it out.

Ok. My reading standards. If I were to write a quick list of things I really don’t read or recommend they are the following:

-No explicit romance (sexual) scenes

-No explicit gore scenes

-Excessive violence

-Cussing/bad words

-Using the Lord’s Name in Vain

-Encouraged unhealthy relationships

-Very dark magic


Yeah, BUT, there are some exceptions to the case. So, I really don’t like to read those type of books with those things because, first, I consider my body cough and that includes BRAIN, as God’s temple. And really, I believe those things don’t edify me as a Christian and promote my spiritual growth. I’m not judging you if you do read those things, I believe that there is no one better to tell you what’s right than God. You ask He answers. And its really a very personal issue…maybe you don’t like what I read, and that’s totally fine. We all are entitled to our opinion and standards in front of God, and I’m not going to be the one to cast the first stone. sips matcha

But how did I determined my standards, you may ask? Well, my friends, I used my life guide book, the Bible. A Bible verse that is always in my mind when I pick a book is Romans 14:12, ”So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God”. Yeah, that kind of always gives me goosebumps. It is very important to consider well what we read, write, watch, etc. I’m no pro at this tho! I’m still learning, and yeah, maybe I’m making mistakes, but one thing I ask the Lord is, show me! Show me what I’m doing wrong! You don’t know how much responsibility it is to recommend books to you, guys! Don’t get me wrong, I love making you reviews and filming little bookish updates, etc., but then comes the part I ask myself, am I doing wrong? Are my book recommendations good? So, my best advice for you is, NEVER LET ANYONE DECIDE FOR YOU WHAT YOU READ, WRITE, or WATCH! NEVER! We are all humans bound to make mistakes, but there is One who never makes mistakes! Something that helps me a lot, and its not just with books, its to ask myself, ”What would Jesus do?” It sounds quite radical but, as Christians, aren’t we striving to be more and more like Him?
Just a little something to meditate on….

As I said above, there are some cases when I do allow myself to read some of the before mentioned subjects. Maybe it’s the life of a drug addict and his journey to finding the Lord, or real-life situations that real people went through… but there’s a thing pauses for effect I will only read it if there is a message at the end of the story. Period. If you are just putting those things as fillers in your books, then sorry, but nope, not going to read that. Of course, it can’t be extremely explicit, or I won’t read that either.

Now on the subject of violence. I’ll put it simply. The most violence I will read is Marvel movies type violence. I won’t read a book that gives me every single gore little detail of throat slicing or beheading. If you just say in your story, ”and they beheaded him” yeah, I can read that.

Also, Romance, another fetish subject, eek! I could write paragraphs and paragraphs about this. No explicit sex, no explicit kisses, not an EXCESSIVE amount of either, and no LGBLT relationships. Period. On to the next one.

Something nonnegotiable is using the Lord’s name in vain. I’m sorry if that seems a little too radical for you, but I really can’t tolerate that.

Encouraged unhealthy relationships, and what I mean by that is when the book portrayed unhealthy relationships as normal, I mean abuse, sexual harassment, unfaithfulness, etc. None of those are things that should be celebrated or encouraged, so that is not a book I will be putting on my bookshelves.

Cussing and bad words….yeah, also none of that. What I do tolerate are the made up bad words that Shakespeare made, lol, they always make me cry of laughter! ”Thou art a boil, a plague sore” heheheh. I love my Shakespeare!

What I mean by not reading very dark magic is when magic meets dark, hehehe you guys know what I mean. If magic intermingles with the ”spiritual world of the dead” or things like that, I’ll pass thank you very much.

And yeah, those are my main ”nopes” when reading. There may be some I might be missing that I don’t remember right now, but I’ll update this page as time goes by. I really want to glorify God with everything I do, so maybe this list changes in a month, year, week, who knows? But what I do really encourage you is to seek God’s guidance in this subject. He knows exactly what you need and what will edify you.

I’m doing a post this week on a new rating system for books that (I hope to employ soon!) I’m developing so you guys can have a more detailed idea of what type of content each book has!

If you read this far, GAHHH!! I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU! I really appreciate you, and I’m so blessed to connect with you guys through social media! You are all awesome!

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