All About Vitali Fishman

Vitali Fishman

Vitali Fishman (Виталий Фишман)

I hold Belarus and Israel Citizenship   

Education:  BA equivalent in International Studies Moscow University

Occupation: Arms Merchant

Vitali Fishman Minsk (Виталий Фишман)

  • Vitali Fishman (Виталий Фишман)– Double Deals in Turkmenistan and Iran, Arms Dealer Biography, Matrix of Bribes, Illegal Arms Sales and Money Laundering

Background Vitali Fishman (Виталий Фишман)

My initial entry into the arms business began as a sales assistant with various Israeli defense companies. Over the last quarter of century, I grew in my expertise and utilizing my Russian language skills  I was able to branch out as an independent and became an astute dealer supplying various weapons, both offensive and defensive military hardware, Cyber systems to throughout the continent of Africa  and Asia including UN forces throughout the world.

Vitali Fishman’s Company Gular Limited :

Gular Limited, is mainly a  Cyprus based registered Company, with many subsidiaries including Israel.   We are famous for providing a quick turnaround on deals that require ‘Rapid Deployment Assistance’ to locations suffering in social strife and civil war. 

We pride ourselves on the 125 years of collective experience of former Senior special operations and intelligence officers from an assortment of countries including the former USSR.  We are a favored member of ‘ROSOBORONEXPORT’, the official the state-owned Russian Defense Export Authority.

Gular has supplied both training and military equipment  throughout Africa and the former USSR republics –  Turkmenistan and Belarus as well as other countries in the developing world.

Gular guarantees satisfaction and the quality of its equipment to perform according to design. We are dedicated to have our clients satisfied.

All Video of Vitali Fishman (Виталий Фишман)

Black lives matter Everywhere
Russian proxies?
Who is supplying Cabo Delgado rebels with arms?
Stop the Supply
White guys profit from our blood
Stop the senseless killing of our brothers and sisters in Africa
Independent arms merchants like Vitali Fishman supply arms throughout Africa.
Stop them – Stop the violence.

Vitali Fishman Images Galery

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